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Anabolic Steroids Addiction Facts: Understanding Roid Rage

News stories about athletes suspected of using anabolic steroids to smash records have brought this issue to the forefront. Now whenever someone breaks a record, steroids are suspected. The term “roid rage” has entered our everyday vocabulary. However, anabolic steroid use and addiction is not just rampant among professional athletes. It also affects high school and college athletes.

Do You Need A Crisis to Recover from an Addiction

Sometimes it is life’s unexpected moments that wake us up from our slumber and attachments. For instance, hearing about someone overdosing, losing one’s parent or dealing with a diaster such as a hurricane can completely change your perspective. The jolt is powerful, but it’s important to sustain the insight too as it will fade in time.

Stop Addictions Resolve: New Year Around the Corner

With the end of December around the corner, there is a power to a new year and making 2010 your best year ever. Think about how if you continue to repeat your life, it will have the same outcome.

Maine Drug Rehab Programs: Recovery Tips to Heal

What are some Maine drug rehab programs that can take medicare and medicaid and often a variety of treatment options?

Speed Drug Addiction: How to Help Someone

It may be difficult to convince someone who has an addiction to speed that there is a problem, because of the deep feeling of well-being that an initial dose brings. The person may simply tell you that he or she is doing what they need to do to get more energy, to stay alert for school or work, or to be more creative.

Latest Drug Addiction News Headlines

A look at some of the top stories today on the internet related to drug addiction.

Poems About Drug Addiction

Poems about drug addiction can help individuals cope with not only their drug addiction, but also what causes them to submit to doing drugs in the first place.