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Cocaine And Harming The Body

Cocaine addiction is one of the most powerful of all drug addictions and one of the hardest to break. It’s no secret that using cocaine is very harmful to the body and potentially fatal, but to the addict, knowledge of this fact alone isn’t enough to help them kick the habit.

Can You Work Better Using Cocaine

If you are stressed out or struggling at work you may have been thinking about how you’ve heard some people say that they can work better using cocaine. This is a common misconception. Cocaine is of course a stimulant, and provides a short term high. But there are of course long term consequences, which are less than desirable.

Cocaine Use in Miami And Economy

There was an interesting article in the Miami Herald about the use of cocaine being down due to the economic problems of affording it. I live in South Florida and know that the level of unemployment is quite high. At the mental health clinic I work on there also seem to be less reports from clients both about abusing cocaine and going to rehab for that specific drug.

Side Effects of Cocaine

Many cocaine users claim it makes them productive and energized. But, this sense of euphoria is unstable. When large amounts of cocaine are taken, the user may have inconsistent and violent behavior.

Cocaine Signs and Effects: Is It Time to Stop

Cocaine is one of the most abused narcotic drugs in the United States. It can be consumed in many ways—through injection, rectal administration, snorting and smoking. Cocaine addiction starts from a variety of reasons

Cocaine Addiction:Break the Abuse Pattern

Did you know that going to the emergency room for a drug problem
is often due to cocaine or crack issues? Relapsing is common
for this drug and it isn’t just a new problem but around for centuries.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine addiction is very common and widespread. It’s a stimulant and also known as crack and blow. People like it for the increased energy as well as euphoria. The high feeling is very brief (usually under forty minutes) so this leads to increased use The euphoria is related to dopamine in the system which [...]